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Owner & Director

Garrett Lewis


(336) 213-4199

Mission Statement:

“To provide, affordable, realistic, influential, unapologetically passionate hands on and classroom-based training in the realm of the American Fire Service.”

What do we provide?

The PFTC team strives to bring the best quality training to those who desire to better themselves at our job and have a true passion for our craft. We have several different options that might fit what you're looking for! We have you covered if you are a larger metro city department down to a small rural department. Please conatct our staff if you have any questions, we are here for you!


In 2023, we will launch our first nationally recognized firefighter conference. PFTC is bringing the most impactful, inspiring, motivating and tactically sound fire instructors from across the nation to North Carolina. Hundreds of like-minded firefighters from all around will come together for two days and get to absorb meaningful information from our first lecture-based conference! Instructors from Colorado, Florida, New York, North Carolina, New Jersey and Missouri will bring you different levels of street-smart experience in different large metropolitan cities to smaller cities and rural based operations. 

Hands on Training:

The PFTC crew is currently offers several hands-on classes to deliver across the country. These classes will be taught at an extremely affordable rate to a large variety of groups and sizes by experienced instructors. Any upcoming training classes, events or conferences will be posted in the "EVENTS" bar at the top of the website. If your department is interested in any of the following classes reach out and begin the process! 



We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(336) 213-4199

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