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Garrett Lewis

Title: Director of Training | Founder

In 2020, Garrett began thinking of ways to bring more realistic training to his department when taking over as the training officer. After searching locally and regionally, most training from outside sources was unrealistic and unmotivating. Lewis believes that any training is better than none, however if you're trying to cultivate a standard of high-performing firefighters that are efficient on the fireground, realistic training plays a vital role in their success. 

In 2022, while still over training and operations as a Deputy Chief, Lewis began the process of creating a training business focused on affordable, motivating and realistic training for firefighters eager to be held to a high standard and upgrade their performance levels. An LLC was formed, and the first project was planning a fire conference. Lewis reached out to those he trusted and pitched a plan to get them on board. After a year of planning, in October of 2022, over two hundred and fifty firefighters from all over US came together in Burlington, NC for the first Fire Conference hosting seven nationally recognized instructors from some of the most respected fire departments in the United States. In between the year gap of starting the company and the conference, PFTC hosted numerous hands-on classes focused on search and rural engine company operations, formed relationships with major fire service-oriented companies, and created an entire hands-on instructional staff of a combined two hundred and fifty years of service. PFTC currently host a multitude of classes throughout the year and has assets to offer a student or department that wants to experience realistic and affordable fire training.


Positions held career & volunteer:

Probationary, Associate Firefighter, Firefighter, Senior Firefighter, Relief Driver, Driver, Lieutenant, Deputy Chief of Ops/Training (3 years)

Relative Positions:

Shift Training Coordinator

Qualified Instructor, Fire Academy Director 

Training Officer

Conference Director 

Weekend School Presenter


  • Career backseat firefighter on a three-man engine company

  • Fire Academy Director

  • Volunteer Firefighter

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