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Thanks for checking out the R.E.C.O class page. This class is focused on low manpower and rural engine company functions many departments are faced with every day. We run this class as a two-day series. One three-hour session of a lecture/PowerPoint and a full day of hands-on training. If your venue is capable of live fire, we incorporate this as well. 

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The R.E.C.O lecture focal points

  • Low Manpower decision making and scene management.

  • Importance of pre-planning

  • Culture within the department 

  • Rig innovations to assist with manpower issues.

  • Building your rig for success

  • Positional Firefighting in Rural America

  • Hose Loads

  • Water Supply

  • Incident Command Decision

  • Rescues

  • Auto Aid

Hands On Layout

  • Single person Forcible Entry

  • Progressive Engine Driver 

  • Incident Command Decision Making (LIVE)

  • Gloved Mask Up's

  • Minuteman Deployment

  • Live Scenarios using your equipment in a rural setting

What do we need from your department?

  • Acquired Structure/ Training Building 

  • Your Apparatus (2 Engines/Tanker/Support Units

  • Students 

  • Classroom with PowerPoint Capabilities (HDMI Hookup)

  • Lodging 

  • Pricing Dependent on number of students and live fire or no live fire

Registration Options

  • PFTC can hold an open registration process for any students to register through the PFTC website and pay PFTC with you hosting the venue site.

  • In house or in county registration where you (the hosting department) pay the one-time class fee for all the students to PFTC directly where the students attend for free.

Contact us by email if your department is interested in hosting this class!


We're looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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