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Garrett Lewis






  • ​Qualified Instructor

  • Volunteer & Career firefighter 

  • Previous Chief of Training 

  • CC Fire Academy Coordinator 

Director Statement

At Passion for the Craft, LLC we come from a wide variety of experience, backgrounds and different size organizations. However, are staff all shares the same belief system of prioritizing aggressive, logical firefighting, and fostering a culture in the fire house that welcomes progressive firefighters eager to learn, train and show up and perform when needed.

You can expect professionalism, organization, honesty and passion from our staff. We put in 100% effort into every class hoping to make a difference in your fire service journey. We have had great success with our classes and made a tiny impact of the greater good of the fire service. We will not apologize or lower our standards for training and will continue to develop and deliver realistic hands on and classroom training, staying up to date and in tune with modern and timeless challenges that affect us on the street every shift or call. Thank you for visiting our site and hope to meet you at a class soon!

Garrett Lewis

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Operations Director, Cody Stone

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